Cycling through Valencia

Would you like to see the city Valencia or its surroundings? A great way to discover and enjoy this diverse city is by bike. More and more bike paths are being created to make cycling trough Valencia even more pleasant. Since March 2017 you can cycle in one of the biggest streets of Valencia: Colon. It connects the city with a lot of surrounded neighbourhoods. And like this more plans for bike paths are being made.

Valencia by bike

Another part that already has a bike path for some time is the Turia Park. The nine-kilometer Turia Park is a perfect and relax place to discover with your bicycle. If you cycle from the city center into the park you will finely end up at the City of Arts and Sciences. From there you can reach the beach of Valencia in 10 minutes! La Malvarossa beach has a lot of cozy terraces and restaurants, for example La Más Bonita.

Bike rental

Are you planning to rent a bike and do you want to make sure that you can visit the city Valencia on a comfortable bike? Then rent a bike in our Bike and Rental shop in the trendy district Ruzafa! We offer typical Dutch bikes which are experienced as very comfortable. And not to mention they have a beautiful white color, the Spaniards can’t stop looking at them! At our Rental Shop you can rent bikes, but you can also join a guided bike tour! One of our enthusiastic guides will make you fall in love with Valencia. You will find out about surprising facts, nice background information, unique spots and great tips!

Bike Paths

The network of bike paths is not (yet) as good as in some other countries in Europe, but there are some really nice tracks, passing through the outstanding nature of this Mediterranean region. This network will be improved and amplified in the next years to make cycling trough Valencia more comfortable.


Bicimetro consists of various routes throughout the city in which you will be able to combine the use of a bicycle with the use of the metro. All routes begin and start at a metro station. There are 18 great routes to choose from. Some routes are in the city centre where you will bike past important buildings and monuments. Other routes will take you into the beautiful surroundings just outside the city. See the website for more information and routes.


TIP! With a bike route you can discover the city in a suprising way! The bike route is full with unique sights, great tips and nice spots!

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